Esquire Gents Hair Salon is probably the Best Gents Barber in the Lancaster area!

Esquire Gents Hair Salon - Lancaster Barber

Traditional Techniques with Contemporary Styling, Appointments not always necessary

  • I met Emma as a result of setting fire to my hair; she was able to make a ‘monk’s tonsure’ look like a style.  This was nearly 20 years ago so I assume she was doing work experience!  Since then I have never used another hairdresser, Previously I had used a number of other salons in Lancaster that were good but not great; I moved to Lancaster from London and had my hair cut in Mayfair for 25 years; not a patch on what I have now.  I will admit to following Emma to Esquire when she set up her new business, I think I was her first customer in the new salon.  On occasions Emma hasn’t been available, (having children got in the way! )  Her choice of partners in the business meant that there was no problems with continuity, they are all exceptionally talented.  The service provided by the hair stylists of Esquire has been exceptional.  I suggest that anyone who wishes to look ‘awesome’  should follow my choice!–Bob Neal

  • I was Emma’s first customer after she trained as a barber. She has now been cutting my hair for more than 20 years. I would not and never will go anywhere else; she is like family now. I even went to her wedding evening do.–Martin Mumpage

  • Been coming to Esquires for more than 10 years. Jackie cuts my hair and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.–Mark McClelland

  • Emma has been cutting my hair for more than 10 years, great service and will definitely recommend her.–Norman Ireland

  • I have been coming to Emma since birth. Great service wouldn’t go anywhere else, great value.–Sam Thompsons

  • What can I say, the best service, the best cut and the best entertainment in town. You would be mad to go anywhere else..–James Crossley

  • I’ve been coming here for the past 11 years and Emma was cutting my hair before that!!…Glutton for punishment (Ha Ha) Great place for a chat even some counseling–Richard Taylor

  • I started coming to Esquire from the first day it opened. My my son and I. We wouldn’t go anywhere else and we don’t even live in Lancaster. Esquires has always been brilliant.–Ian Lumb

  • Best Barbers in Lanaster!!!–Gary Bairstow

  • Emma has been cutting my hair for more than 15 years and I wouldn’t use anyone else. We moved overseas a few years ago but I still come back for my haircuts!!!–Jake Pinnington

  • Emma has been cutting my hair for about 9 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great place to go. Get on great with everyone there.–Glen Chapelhow